• Seminar How to choose an Automatic Film Applicator?

    Automatic Film ApplicatorHow to choose an Automatic Film Applicator? Generally, it is based on the characteristics of the test substrate and test material to select an Automatic Film Applicator.

  • Seminar Brief Introduction of Two Measuring Methods

    Fineness of grind Under the specified test conditions, the reading obtained on the standard grind gauge. The sample overflows slightly. And output the fineness particle distribution graph.

  • Seminar Implementation of Two Measuring Standards

    Product Name: Intelligent Pendulum Hardness Tester A high-precision instrument for testing the hardness of coatings with humanized, intelligent design and full touch screen control.

  • Seminar BEVS new products online training 2021

    BEVS 2806 Wet Abrasion Scrub Tester (Four Channels)This machine is used to test the abrasion, scrub and washability performance for many kinds of materials, especially water-based coating field.

  • Seminar Intelligent Instruments Era

    Intelligent Instruments EraAs we know more and more the key mobile phones generation like Nokia were replaced by full touch screen with technology development. BEVS touch screen products situation