BEVS won the Ringier Technology Innovation Award again
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Date: 2023-06-06
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Author: Xiaohei

On May 31, 2023, the ceremony for the "Ringier Technology Innovation Awards 2023" was successfully held in Shanghai. With the breakthrough innovation in functionality of the "Automated Particle Analyzer", BEVS won the award and was invited to attend the award ceremony. So far, BEVS have won this honor for three consecutive years.

Since its launch, the Ringier Technology Innovation Award has received widespread attention and active participation from the industry for its authority and foresight. A total of 25 products have won this technology innovation award.

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BEVS 3168 Automated Particle Analyzer 

The Automated Particle Analyzer can automatically draw down the sample on the grind gauge and capture the image by a high resolution camera under the light source. Then the image is processed by a software to generate the rating which is the fineness value of the sample. The instrument ensures the repeatability and accuracy of the testing result which avoids human errors and greatly improve the test efficiency.