BEVS won the technological innovation award again
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Date: 2022-11-18
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Won the Ringier Technological Innovation Award

#The Award Ceremoy

From November 15 to 16, 2022, "2022 China Paint Ink Summit&Exhibition" was held in Shanghai. The conference focused on rail transit coatings, industrial anti-corrosion, architectural decoration coatings, wood coatings, 3C coatings, green ink and printing, and discussed, demonstrated and made speeches around technological innovation, process improvement, and the application of intelligent manufacturing in the paint and ink industry.

As an exhibitor of this conference, BEVS demonstrated the innovative products and technologies on the spot. Intelligent Panel Coating System won the Ringier Technological Innovation Award.

#BEVS Sales Manager delivered an award speech



Innovative Technology

#Intelligent Panel Coating System

The system includes:

Intelligent formulation station solves the influence of the automatic addition amount of solvent on the viscosity of different types of coatings. Various kinds of raw materials are automatically added into the container in proportion to carry out mixing, viscosity measurement, automatic formulation and automatic cleaning, and each coating is identified with ID.

Batch automatic drawdown can realize batch automatic plate making of architectural coating, waterproof coating and industrial paint, realize paperless sample preparation record, each test plate can be tracked with a QR code, and automatic monitoring of the whole sample preparation process.

Intelligent film making automatically solves the influence of coating viscosity, drawdown speed and fixture counterweight on film thickness. The test panel, film applicator and coating with ID will be automatically placed on the film preparation platform for automatic coating of the automatically prepared coating through the machine.

High efficiency spraying, automatic spray panel workstation will automatically prepare the coating with ID, automatically put the test panel and coating with ID into the spray room through the robot, and automatically spray the exquisite test panel according to the spraying process.

Personalized human-computer interaction, the software design of human-computer interaction control system is continuously optimized and interconnected with LIMS system.



Site Review

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